Infiltrating the iPad: The secrets of independent eBook publishing

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Last week, we showed you the success that Corona developers have seen in the iPad book space.   Now, Dwayne Ferguson of Diehard Studio (we might start calling him “Diehard Dwayne”) walks you through his experiences in creating multiple eBooks with Corona SDK, and why it’s an excellent tool for publishing your own books for iPad. Dwayne was the art director for the mid-90’s animated TV series Mutant League, and also is a comic book artist who recently brought his 2004 comic Black Zero: Mercenary Ant to life on the iPad (which also was deemed New and Noteworthy in the App Store). Dwayne’s most recent effort — the children’s holiday eBook A Very Kitten Christmas — is available now in the App Store, just in time

Martian Control: ANOTHER open source game made with Corona SDK!

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Beebe Games’ open source Angry Birds replica Ghosts vs. Monsters was such a hit with the Corona community that they decided to do it all over again! This time, they have created a clone of the popular iPhone game Flight Control, redubbing it Martian Control. The Beebes’ created their game in an astonishing 30-hour timeframe, with Biffy handling artwork and Jon handling the programming, as usual. For more details on the process, be sure to check out Jon’s blog. The source code for Martian Control is immediately available at the Corona Code Exchange. Below, you can watch a video demo of the open source game, which Jon assures us “gets choppy at times, but don’t worry, it’s just the video. Actual gameplay is very smooth and works

Ghosts vs. Monsters: Open source game made with Corona SDK

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There’s a question that’s been asked many times over in our forums, e-mails, and at gatherings:  Can Corona SDK create a game similar to Angry Birds, and how easy is it to do? Without a doubt, our answer has always been a solid “yes!” Then, the next question has been “Can I see a demo?” Yikes. We’ve never had a demo of an Angry-something to show off the power of Corona. One day, the team and I were bouncing ideas on how to make a simple Angry-anything demo to ship with in our disk image to show off Corona. Then, it dawned on us — we have some outstanding developers using Corona, we should ask them to “surprise us” with one! Well, our good friend Jonathan Beebe and his

Corona SDK Tutorial: Google Maps in one line of code

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It wouldn’t be very polite of us to throw a bunch of new features at you without at least showing you how to use some of them! So, Evan has put together this quick demonstration of how you can add Google Maps to your app using just one line of code. The video also shows how to easily utilize map markers, position lookup, address lookup, and other geo-location features in your Corona-made apps… …So, what feature would you like to see a tutorial for next?

Corona webinar from November 11

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Those of you who missed our November 11 webinar a couple weeks back (or those of you who just want to go over what was was covered during the webinar) can now watch it in its entirety below. This time around, Carlos walks you through Event Listeners (one of the core functionalities of Corona), plus object level events and Runtime events. The webinar goes through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and covers the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow. Thanks for checking in, and we hope to see at the next one!

Content Scaling Made Easy

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(Read the follow up: Dynamic Image Resolution Made Easy) Content scaling is a very useful feature of Corona, but it’s one that I’ve found myself explaining frequently. In this post, I’ll try to boil it down to the essentials, and demonstrate how to easily target multiple screens from the same code and assets. The problem Mobile device screens now come in many different shapes and sizes. At one extreme, the iPad screen is 768 x 1024, for a 1 : 1.33 aspect ratio. Meanwhile, the Motorola Droid (480 x 854) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (600 x 1024) have aspect ratios greater than 1 : 1.7. In plain English, the iPad is more square than the iPhone, and most Android devices are taller and skinner than

Preview: New Audio Engine Powered by OpenAL

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We’ve been working diligently on a brand new audio engine for Corona which we will hope you will love. Our new engine is built from the ground-up, on top of the industry standard, OpenAL, which is designed for low-latency, high performance mixing, and a darling technology of the video game industry. We have many features planned for our new audio engine, but here is a tiny taste of it. In our prior sound engine, you could only play one “streaming” sample at a time. Our new engine no longer arbitrarily limits you to the number of streams you can play. So if you had large files like background music and speech you needed to play at the same time, you would have a hard time.

New Sample Apps page for Corona

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Piggybacking off the Quick Start Guide and video tutorials that we’ve recently created for you, we now bring you a newly revamped Sample Apps page! Some of the highlights of the Sample Apps page now include: Social Networking: Learn how to add Facebook and Twitter integration to your apps. Storage: These example show you how to create and read API’s. Platform-specific: When you just want to work in one platform, these sample codes that deal only with iPad, iPhone, or Droid will assist you in creating your next app or game. To see the rest, head on over to the page — oh, and let us know how you like its new layout!

Upcoming Corona Webinar: Listeners and Functions

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We thought we’d give you a little more advanced notice this time about an upcoming Corona webinar. Picking up from his previous webinar, Carlos will be talking about Corona functions and how to structurally code your apps. Also on the agenda are Event Listeners, one of the core functionalities of Corona, plus object level events and Runtime events. This webinar also will go through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and will cover the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow. You can click into the webinar via Connect Pro this Friday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. Hope to see you online!