Does Flash CS5 for Windows Violate the iPhone Developer Agreement?

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At this year’s Game Developer Conference, there was no official Adobe presence, but they definitely came up in conversations among iPhone tool developers: <i>”Are they REALLY going to build for the App Store in Windows?</i> As everybody presumably knows by now, one of the promised features in Flash CS5 is a “Flash packager”, which is a cross-compiler that takes Actionscript 3 code and runs it through the open-source LLVM to produce ARM machine code for the iPhone, while (presumably) doing some translation of assets and transitions. For example, a Flash sprite could be turned into bitmap texture data on the iPhone GPU, and then a position tween could be translated directly, but a shape tween probably can’t be handled in the same way, due to

Eating Our Own Dogfood: How we built the Photoshop 20th Anniversary app in three days

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By Evan Kirchhoff When Russell Brown of Adobe approached us about doing a Photoshop 20th Anniversary app, we were immediately excited (if you’ve seen Russell’s show, you know that his enthusiasm is what you might call highly infectious). His proposal was to boil the functionality down to the 1990 “Levels” control panel, which he felt was the original soul of Photoshop. The app would load an image from the user’s iPhone photo library, allow multiple changes with live previews, and then let them save the modified image back to their library. In short, it would combine the nostalgia of seeing old-school Photoshop UI running on today’s iPhone with a genuinely useful photo-manipulating function. However, we had to ship the Corona 1.1 update in early February, with a lot of

Welcome Eric Herrmann and Evan Kirchhoff

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Today, am happy to announce a new addition to the Ansca team. Eric Herrmann, programmer extraordinaire, graphics guru & mobile developer, joins us as Director of Engineering from Adobe Systems. Eric and I first met at Macromedia while working on the first version of Flash Mobile Authoring. He led the Mac efforts for Flash Lite, Mac development for the  Flash Mobile Authoring tool and then worked with me and with Walter on FlashLite 3.0. Eric has a deep understanding of computer graphics, authoring tools, and runtime environments for both desktop and non-pc devices, and a degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Eric will be in charge of our 2D graphics engine as well as maintaining a small footprint and increased performance on our rendering

Slide deck: “From Flash Lite to Ansca Corona”

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Before joining Ansca, I gave a presentation at the local iPhone Network Lounge Meetup group on our experiences at Comrade Software porting two of our mobile games from Flash to Corona; by popular request, here are the slides (PDF, 6MB). A summary: the code transition was really fast, but the assets took a bit longer, mostly because the iPhone screen is big and pretty and its users have different graphical expectations than on the Motorola RAZR, which was our lowest-common-denominator device when we originally did the games for Verizon in 2007. As you’ll see, I tend to think that the optimal number of words on a slide is “zero” (believe it or not, there’s an entire presentation methodology built around that idea), but I’ve added comments