Tutorial: Goodbye Globals!

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In Lua, global variables are risky. We’ve been stressing the “avoid globals” stance for a long time, and today’s tutorial shows you how. In addition, we illustrate the dangers and pitfalls of using global variables without a thorough knowledge of how Lua handles them.

Tutorial: Using the Zip Plugin

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Today, we announced that Corona Plugins – codenamed “Project Gluon” – are live and available to Corona SDK Pro subscribers using recent Daily Builds. In this week’s tutorial, learn how to get started with our walkthrough of the “zip” plugin, convenient for compressing and uncompressing files within your app.

Tutorial: Sprites and Image Sheets for Beginners

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Today’s tutorial goes “back to the basics” of sprite usage and image sheets for both typical animations and image “swapping” as well. If you’re new to Corona SDK or simply need to brush up on sprite usage, read further as we discuss the benefits, the basic code, and some real world examples.

Tutorial: Raycasting and Reflection

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A few weeks ago, raycasting was added to Corona’s physics system. The core API is an easy-to-use function for casting a “sensor ray” into the physics world — and we didn’t stop with that. Soon after, reflection was added to the raycasting system. Today’s tutorial discusses both of these features and includes a downloadable demo project to assist with your own development.

New System Info Properties

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This week’s brief tutorial discusses some new properties that are available to Corona Pro users since Build 1086. In specific, Android users can now get the physical screen DPI and size of various devices, and iOS users have some new API properties related to Apple’s move away from UDID. Read further to learn more.

Tutorial: Lua String Magic

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Today’s tutorial features Lua string manipulation and parsing techniques which can be useful in several applications, especially business or database-powered apps where you need to check and confirm that text is formatted properly. Read further to learn about these string-related helper functions.

Tutorial: “Android-izing” a Mobile App

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For some multi-platform developers, building for Android is planned from the beginning but it’s not fully implemented until after the launch of the iOS version. However, there are several things that should be done while building a cross-platform app to make sure that Android’s unique functionality is handled in advance of submission to the marketplace.