Content Scaling Made Easy

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(Read the follow up: Dynamic Image Resolution Made Easy) Content scaling is a very useful feature of Corona, but it’s one that I’ve found myself explaining frequently. In this post, I’ll try to boil it down to the essentials, and demonstrate how to easily target multiple screens from the same code and assets. The problem Mobile device screens now come in many different shapes and sizes. At one extreme, the iPad screen is 768 x 1024, for a 1 : 1.33 aspect ratio. Meanwhile, the Motorola Droid (480 x 854) and Samsung Galaxy Tab (600 x 1024) have aspect ratios greater than 1 : 1.7. In plain English, the iPad is more square than the iPhone, and most Android devices are taller and skinner than

Corona Comics Tutorial: Word Balloons

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After Tim’s introduction to the newly revitalized Corona Comics yesterday, we thought we’d waste no time in showing you how to make your own iPad comics. One of the most important elements of comic books is word balloons. In the video below, artist Dwayne Ferguson of DieHard Studio Entertainment walks you through the process of creating word balloons for your comics using art software that most of you already have. Dwayne will be contributing more tutorials like this from now on, so all you aspiring iComic artists might want to check in regularly for those!

Upcoming Corona Webinar: Listeners and Functions

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We thought we’d give you a little more advanced notice this time about an upcoming Corona webinar. Picking up from his previous webinar, Carlos will be talking about Corona functions and how to structurally code your apps. Also on the agenda are Event Listeners, one of the core functionalities of Corona, plus object level events and Runtime events. This webinar also will go through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and will cover the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow. You can click into the webinar via Connect Pro this Friday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. Hope to see you online!

Trick or Treat! Particle Candy for CoronaAnimated particle systems for your apps and games

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While it’s awfully hard to fill a bag with candy via the Internet, the folks at just gave us some Particle Candy to share with you! Particle Candy is a high-performance particle/effects engine, which X-Pressive have now made available for Corona. Behold! You soon will be able to implement Particle Candy in your own Corona creations by following X-Pressive’s very easy How to Guide. The best part? No cavities!

Make a game in 8 minutes with Corona (Part 2)

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Tim is back with the second installment of his “Game in 8 Minutes” series! This time, he takes about 10 minutes (I know, I know…) to add more balloons, better physical reactions, and even multi-touch to the simple game he created in part 1. Download the source files for this tutorial. Let Tim know what you think in the comments below — he reads them all the time! Also, he says he will be making a part 3 for his balloon game, so keep an eye out for that.

Make a game in 8 minutes with Corona?

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After posting our Quick Start Guide to Corona a couple days ago, we thought we’d demonstrate just how easy it is to get started from Square One with Corona to create your first mobile game. We’ve already shown you real-life cases in which Corona users have created a game in eight days. Now, Ansca Mobile engineer Tim Statler shows you how you can make one in eight minutes! Download the source files for this video. Be sure to check back for more videos by Tim as he adds onto his “Balloon Game.” *UPDATE – 10/19/2010 @ 3:24pm PST* Background music has now been turned down.