Tutorial: Fills and Strokes in Graphics 2.0

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Graphics 2.0 Demo Contest Winners

An exciting new addition to Corona SDK’s Graphics 2.0 engine is the ability to fill and stroke any graphic object with other images, gradients, and over 25 Photoshop-style composite effects. In addition, the new graphics engine features over 50 filter and generator effects which can bring your app’s visuals to amazing new levels. Read further to learn more.

Tutorial: Passing Data To/From Functions

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In this week’s foundational tutorial, we inspect the nature of functions, how to pass data of different types to functions, and how to retrieve the information you need. If you’re new to Corona or programming in general, read further to learn how functions can greatly improve your app’s structure and performance.

Tutorial: Tap/Touch Anatomy

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Most Corona developers understand the concept behind tap and touch events, but the lines get a little blurry when dealing with more complex scenarios, for example overlapping objects with different types of event listeners. Today’s tutorial explains exactly how Corona handles these events and which events are broadcast to which objects.

Tutorial: Game Controllers and Axes

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In a previous tutorial about HID controllers, we showed you how to use Corona SDK to read button inputs from game controllers. In contrast to basic button functionality, analog controls are more complex because they measure an almost infinite number of potential values that must be converted from the analog “infinity” to discrete digital values. Today’s tutorial walks you through the process and includes a full sample project to get you started.

Tutorial: Modernizing the config.lua

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In this week’s tutorial, we revisit the concepts behind the “config.lua” file, with the specific aim of modernizing it for current standards. At the same time, we discuss how to simplify the config file and make the content area easier to work with. Read further to learn more.