Tutorial: Game Controllers and Axes

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In a previous tutorial about HID controllers, we showed you how to use Corona SDK to read button inputs from game controllers. In contrast to basic button functionality, analog controls are more complex because they measure an almost infinite number of potential values that must be converted from the analog “infinity” to discrete digital values. Today’s tutorial walks you through the process and includes a full sample project to get you started.

Tutorial: Modernizing the config.lua

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In this week’s tutorial, we revisit the concepts behind the “config.lua” file, with the specific aim of modernizing it for current standards. At the same time, we discuss how to simplify the config file and make the content area easier to work with. Read further to learn more.

Tutorial: Understanding In-App Purchases

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In the mobile development world, studios have been looking for more models to monetize their product. This doesn’t just impact games, as business app developers are finding it more challenging to monetize as well. This week’s tutorial discusses some important details about In-App Purchases (IAP) and how to implement them in your Corona app.

Tutorial: Introduction to Game Controllers

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It’s an exciting time to be a mobile app developer. Through the magic of mobile and Bluetooth support on devices, it’s now possible to use controllers to play games, in addition to the standard touchscreen and accelerometer. Read further to learn about Corona SDK’s core support for OUYA, Green Throttle, GameStick, SHIELD, and other human interface devices.

Tutorial: Introducing the “Social” Plugin (iOS)

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In iOS 6, Apple included a class which handles not only Twitter, but also Facebook and even the widely-used Chinese social networking service, Sina Weibo. Now that Corona’s plugin system is in place, we’ve rolled out a new plugin for Pro subscribers. This is the “Social” plugin and it allows developers to implement these three services directly into their apps. Read further to learn more.

Understanding Facebook Authentication

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Some developers encounter road blocks when they attempt to get Facebook working in their apps. Part of the challenge is trying to understand how Facebook authenticates users. This week’s tutorial walks you through the process on both iOS and Android.

Tutorial: Non-Physics Collision Detection

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Corona SDK has a robust physics-based collision detection system, but it requires some extra processing behind that scenes that you typically don’t need if you’re not using physics for other purposes. Today’s tutorial explains how to detect collisions between two circles or two rectangles without using the physics engine. Read further to learn how.

Tutorial: Stylizing Widgets, Part 1

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This week’s tutorial discusses how to visually stylize widgets. Although widgets will adopt the OS-like appearance by default, in many cases you’ll want to customize the appearance to suit the style of your app. In this part of the series (1), learn how to properly style the button, table view, stepper, and spinner widgets.