Adobe Axes Flash For Mobile And 750 Jobs

“The second problem, Luh said, was that Adobe ignored its developers. ‘A lot of the early mobile Flash developers wanted to create standalone apps, but Adobe wanted to build a mobile platform, so they focused on trying to get distribution of their Web plug-in on mobile phones,’ he said. ‘There was an impedance mismatch and Adobe just took too long to come to the right conclusions.

Adobe Had It Coming: The Long, Slow Goodbye of Mobile Flash

Adobe wanted Flash everywhere,’ said Carlos Icaza — a former Adobe employee who created Corona, a competing product, after leaving the company. ‘They had the perfect opportunity to work extremely well on iPhones and other mobile devices, but they wanted it across every device,’ Icaza said. ‘It spread them far too thin…

Programming for Children, Minus Cryptic Syntax

Even some of the professional tools are within reach for smart high school students. Robert Nay, 14, became the talk of the Web when his iPhone game called Bubble Ball reached the top of the charts. He used Corona, a toolkit from Ansca Mobile that makes it relatively simple to create objects that behave as if they’re in the real world. Many of the rules of physics are already encoded and the programmer only tells the objects where to go, not how to bounce. Corona comes with a built-in ‘physics engine’ that fills in the details.

‘Car Seat Helper’ on NBC News Arizona!

Our latest App of the Week just got some shine on Phoenix, Arizona’s own 12 News Today morning show. Car Seat Helper was spotlighted as a crucial app for parents to use in their child safety seat shopping and installation endeavors. Check out the video segment below, and get the app in the  App Store or Android Market (it’s free […]

Friday Night Forum: Fire it up!

Amazon’s upcoming Kindle Fire has been forecasted to sell over 5 million units when it’s formally released later this year. The ante-upped Kindle Fire is a 7-inch Android-based “stripped down” tablet (no camera, WiFi-only) that, at $199, will cost almost half as much as Apple’s seemingly incomparable iPad. Those 5 million Q4 preorders already would put the Kindle […]

‘Dabble’ wins Parent’s Choice Gold Award!

Just yesterday, we were informed by Team Dabble that their board game has racked up yet another award — the esteemed Parent’s Choice Gold Award for superior educational toys and games. Of course, this doesn’t come as a huge surprise to us considering how Dabble is irresistibly fun to play and seems to get even more awesome […]