Corona is the platform of choice for creating interactive eBooks

Corona’s ease of use, graphical and interactive capabilities and third-party ecosystem make our platform the ideal solution for authors and publishers. Download Corona today and bring your creations to the digital world in record time.

Create beautiful experiences

Seamlessly add images, animation, sound and interactivity to bring your book to life.

Take advantage of Corona’s easy to implement gaming features including physics, to make your eBook truly stand out and go the extra step and implement in-app purchases to add downloadable content and modules.

Lost Circus - eBook made with Corona SDK

Focus on story, not code

Corona minimizes the need for coding, so you can focus on what’s truly important – crafting the best possible story and immersive experience.

Corona provides APIs and frameworks such as Storyboard, that greatly simplify the basics of eBook creation. Take advantage of a range of third-party tools such as Kwik, a Photoshop plugin that entirely eliminates the need to code.

Scotts Submarine - and eBook made with Corona SDK

Maximize your reach

Build for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK with a single codebase.

Expand to a larger audience, without the need to bring in multiple development teams to deal with fragmentation.

Corona SDK builds for all major app stores

Leverage a thriving ecosystem

Corona’s active community is always here to lend a helping hand, and gives you access to time-saving tools. Build amazing experiences within Photoshop with Kwik, or easily export your Flash assets with SpriteLoq.

We also offer one-on-one training to help you get started and can connect you with talented developers to collaborate on projects.

Corona SDK has a vibrant developer ecosystem

Read our success stories

Thousands of authors and publishers have relied on Corona to create impressive eBooks and comics.

Check out case studies on Sparky the Shark and Frederik Spin, enjoy Fire Cupid, a recent App of the Month winner, and read the beautifully crafted Where’s Paradise.

Publishing with Corona is FREE

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Need access to native libraries or services?
Corona Enterprise allows you to call any Objective-C or Java library from within Corona.