Think Corona is only for games? Think again.

Mobile apps are transforming the way organizations engage with individuals. From global companies to local nonprofits, Corona accelerates the development process, allowing organizations to connect with customers and employees quickly and easily.

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Build serious apps

Need to make an app that looks and acts native? Corona supports a wide array of native widgets and UI. Better yet, these features are built on OpenGL, so the performance is accelerated and the tools are customizable.

Need to integrate specific native libraries that you’ve already developed? Try Corona Enterprise to call any native library (Obj-C on iOS, Java on Android) from within Corona.

Craft unique experiences

Corona is built on OpenGL and allows you to take your business app to the next level by adding graphical capabilities to delight your users. Our webviews allow you to throw HTML5 into the mix and our full support for device capabilities such as camera, accelerometer, GPS and more provide you with a range of possibilities.

There’s no need to limit yourself to a cookie-cutter app. Develop with Corona to create a hybrid app that fulfills your business goal and engages with users.

Support all major platforms

With a single codebase, develop for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK.

We’ll do the heavy lifting – testing against hundreds of devices, and understanding the nuances of each – so that you can focus on improving your app and reaching a large audience.

Corona SDK builds for all major app stores

Maximize engagement

Corona supports Facebook and Twitter integration to allow you to effectively connect with users on social media platforms.

We’ll arm you with the toolkit to socialize your app and engage with more users.

Corona SDK supports Facebook and Twitter integration

Rely on Corona’s impressive track record

A variety of businesses and non-profits have relied on Corona to build high quality apps in record time. Notable organizations include:

  • USA Cycling
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • ESP Guitar Experience
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center: Car Seat Helper
  • Doritos’ Dip Desperado
  • Dannon Yogurt

Publishing with Corona is FREE

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Need access to native libraries or services?
Corona Enterprise allows you to call any Objective-C or Java library from within Corona.