Corona brings your creative ideas to the digital world.

Stretch the boundaries of your imagination by bringing interesting stories, beautiful illustrations, intricate graphics and immersive gameplay to the mobile world.

Designers and Flash developers spanning the globe choose Corona to develop captivating apps with minimal coding.

Focus on design, not code

Ideal for designers and illustrators of all backgrounds, Corona helps you build your app with ease, in record time. Focus on creating beautiful experiences, not on complicated languages and frameworks. 

Our platform’s intuitive APIs make building great features enjoyable. Corona also provides frameworks, including Storyboard, that greatly simplify the creation process.

See why you will develop 10x faster with Corona.

Lost Circus - eBook made with Corona SDK

Familiar with Flash? Perfect.

Develop your app in Lua, a language that is very similar to ActionScript. Just like with Flash, you can design beautiful experiences, but the difference is that you’ll be blown away by Corona’s ease of use and performance.

Compare development in Flash and Corona.

Our ecosystem includes tools to make your life easier. Take advantage of the third-party Spriteloq tool to easily export Flash sprites and animations to Corona, or Kwik, an authoring tool for creating exceptional eBooks.

Read why Flash legend Ferry Halim uses Corona!

Experience power at your fingertips

Corona is built on industry standards including OpenGL, OpenAL and Lua. Enjoy access to the same stack and architecture used by large studios, without having to employ a team of engineers to maintain your platform.

We’ve also incorporated a range of popular third-party services, including Facebook, Google Maps, and Game Center to give your users exceptional functionality.

Maximize your reach

Corona is the best solution for developing across platforms and OS versions. With just one codebase, you can build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK.

Our simulator allows you to instantly see how your app looks on each device and by expanding your app across the mobile gamut, reach a larger, more diverse audience.

Take advantage of Corona’s thriving ecosystem

The Corona SDK engine is just a portion of our toolkit. Once you join the Corona family, enjoy access to:

  • Community – Corona forums are filled with developers offering tips, sharing code and lending a helping hand.
  • Events – Corona Ambassadors span the globe. At our regular meetup events throughout the world, you’ll quickly find like-minded developers to engage with, learn from and collaborate with.
  • Resources – Our site is chock-full of helpful tutorials and sample code.
  • Tools – Developers within our community have built fantastic tools around Corona. From Kwik, a Photoshop plugin tool for creating beautiful eBooks, to Corona Project Manager, a time-saving IDE, the Corona ecosystem is growing by the day.

Browse our site and learn information about our Certified Developer program, one-on-one Corona training and much more.

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Need access to native libraries or services?
Corona Enterprise allows you to call any Objective-C or Java library from within Corona.