Delight your clients with exceptional results

Agencies are trusted upon to deliver speedy, high quality content on a budget. Whether you’re tasked with developing a business app or a graphically intricate game, Corona arms you with the toolkit to bring your project to fruition in record time.

Better yet – you won’t need Objective-C and Java developers on staff. Lua, the scripting language that Corona SDK implements, is ideal for designers and Flash developers to get up to speed in no time.

Develop winning content

Corona’s graphical capabilities allow you to build beautiful mobile experiences.

Why settle for cookie-cutter business apps, when you can build a truly amazing interactive experience with minimal coding?

Enjoy blazing development speed

Today’s marketplace requires teams to build and iterate more quickly than ever before. Develop with ease by utilizing our elegant APIs, consulting with our supportive community and building cross-platform apps with a single codebase.

Corona is unparalleled in efficiency, and alleviates the common budget and time constraints that often plague a project.

Maximize your reach

Target users across the mobile gamut from a single codebase. Build once and deploy your app to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire or NOOK at the touch of a button.

Reach the largest audience possible from the start, or roll your app out to additional platforms based on clients’ business needs.

Corona SDK builds for all major app stores

Socialize your app

People devote a large portion of time interacting on social media platforms. Corona supports Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as Game Center and OpenFeint for games to allow you to effectively connect with your target audience.

We’ll arm you with the toolkit to make your app go viral – so you can focus on creating a great mobile experience.

Corona SDK supports Facebook and Twitter integration

Publishing with Corona is FREE

With Corona SDK Starter you can build and publish your app for FREE.
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Need access to native libraries or services?
Corona Enterprise allows you to call any Objective-C or Java library from within Corona.