Corona SDK Bug/Issue Submissions

Thank you for reporting potential issues/bugs you find when using Corona SDK. We want to address, and fix, all issues, so it is very important that you follow the guidelines below.

In order for us to validate your issue/bug report, we need a simple test project that we can run and review.

We cannot accept reports that do not contain a test project or reports with test projects that are overly complicated or contain third party tool code.

What to do:

  • Write a simple set of code that demonstrates the issue, and bundle it into a simple test project. Please run this code beforehand to verify it displays the issue you are reporting.
  • Keep the amount of code as small as possible.
  • Include config.lua and build.settings files.
  • Try to limit the test project, if possible, to just a main.lua, config.lua and build.settings files.
  • Compress your test project into a zip archive and include this file with your bug/issue report.
  • Please use adequately named variables. For instance, say your test case has a variable to display a tree on the screen. Don’t use “t =“, use “tree =“.

Following these guidelines will help us validate your report more quickly.

What not to do:

  • If your issue does not relate to Storyboard, please don’t use it in your test projects. It adds files that will make the testing process longer.
  • Do not include unnecessary assets (i.e., anything that isn’t necessary to demonstrate the bug/issue you are reporting). For example, if you are reporting an audio api issue, you do not need to include code that displays a background, animations etc. The simpler your test case is, the quicker your bug report can be validated.
  • Please do not include code that calls your own, or 3rd party Lua libraries/modules, or the libraries/modules themselves. We are not able to review and verify code for libraries or 3rd party tools we do not support.
  • Please do not just submit your own existing large-scale project as a test case. We do not have enough context around your specific project to be able to quickly analyze it and isolate any potential issue. Having to look through large amounts of code to find a single potential issue will be impossible or will slow us down tremendously.

Thank you!