Unlimited mobile development possibilities

Corona Enterprise builds on the development speed and power of Corona SDK, the leading 2D mobile development platform by adding the ability to call any native (C/C++/Obj-C/Java) library.

Corona Enterprise is used by sophisticated independent developers, leading studios, agencies and global corporations to build hit games and apps to their exact requirements.

Enjoy Corona + native libraries

Take advantage of Corona’s 10x faster development while being able to call native libraries when necessary.

Need to write code to handle a specific feature? Need to use existing code? Want to leverage a specific 3rd party service? Easy. Just include these libraries with the necessary Lua bindings.

Learn how Corona Enterprise works in our documentation.

Native libraries

Improve your workflow

With Corona Enterprise’s offline builds, you have tighter control over your workflow. Coming features will allow you to host your native libraries and make them available to your full team.

Corona Builder, an optional product, further enhances development efficiency by automating server builds, allowing team members to focus on building extraordinary mobile experiences.


Build on mobile industry standards

Corona Enterprise is built on the same core engine as Corona SDK. You’ll enjoy all the benefits of Corona: ease of use, record development speed and cross-platform development. Take advantage of OpenGL, OpenAL, Box2D and all our Plugin Partners for monetization and additional functionality.

Corona Enterprise builds are synchronized to our Daily Builds, so you’ll enjoy access to all the latest cutting-edge features.


Join thousands of successful developers

Corona Enterprise is being used by small game studios and giants like Electronic Arts and Bandai Namco, cutting edge studios like flaregames, agencies and corporations.
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Interested in Corona Enterprise?

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