3rd Party Tools

3rd Party Tools and Services

These tools have been developed by 3rd party developers and are part of the growing Corona SDK ecosystem. They extend Corona and/or help with your overall development.

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Featured Tools

700 Sprites

Philipp Lenssen, a Corona developer (and winner of App of the Month!) has made available a library of over 700 fantasy-themed, 32×32 sprites. Corona developers are sure to find them useful for their games!


bmGlyph is a bitmap font generator for OSX. A lot of effects are available: gradients, glossy, shadows, strokes or map a texture, unicode characters, kernings, per character editing, live preview. bmGlyph can publish a texture and an atlas font files for the desired resolution (ipad, hd, sd …) and can be used with Corona SDK.

Corona Textmate Bundle

Corona TextMate bundle is designed to help TextMate users code their Corona® SDK apps more quickly. It contains a large number of autocomplete terms, commands, and snippets that make it that much easier to access the various Corona APIs using the standard TextMate keyboard/menu shortcuts.

Outlaw IDE

Outlaw IDE is for anyone who develops mobile apps using Corona® SDK. Drag in a folder, click 'launch,' and the project will be up and running in the simulator. The tool manages all the projects and assets (source code files, graphics, audio files and more) that go into your app so you can quickly switch from one to another, swap out assets, and enjoy a smoother workflow.

Corona Remote

Corona® Remote is an application & Lua library designed to send remote accelerometer data to Corona® SDK. Using your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can send real-time accelerometer data to the Corona® Simulator for use when developing accelerometer-powered applications and games.

Corona SDK OAuth 2.0 API

Connect to a RESTful OAuth 2.0 service in your Corona application in minutes! This Lua implementation of the OAuth 2.0 standard protocol includes support for: (1) authorization, (2) token retrieval w/ URL callback, (3) automatic token renewal and storage, and (4) placement of the OAuth access token in either the HTTP header or HTTP request body as an optional parameter. This implementation uses the Corona SDKs ’newWebView’ method to prompt users for authentication credentials and automatically handles the response, storage, and persistence of the access token for subsequent RESTful API calls.

Corona Widget Themes

Beautifully designed widget themes with 9 colors per theme and matching icon buttons. Perfect for game or business apps.

Coronium Cloud Platform

A free and simple Lua based cloud platform, and Corona SDK module, supporting analytics, data objects, user management, push, and more.

Explosion Generator 3

Explosion Generator 3 is the quickest way to create amazing professional looking explosions for your games and projects. Using the advanced engine mechanics, quickly and simply adjust the settings to create your perfect explosion. For game developers the tool is a must have. Edit all aspects of your explosion to create an original effect then export out as frames or directly to your favourite SDK.

Game Coder

Developed by Beelieve and built with Corona, Game Coder is a new iOS app that allows you to build a game on your iPad. Best of all, projects can be exported to Corona for editing and then published for iOS devices. Check out Game Coder in the App Store!

Glitch Games Libraries

The GG libs are a set of modular reusable libraries that are designed to speed up development times by letting you worry about the actual game making rather than game development.

Glyph Designer

Glyph Designer allows any font to be decorated with different effects such as strokes, fills and shadows in realtime and then generates a texture atlas that contains each required glyph and a control file that identifies where in that texture atlas each glyph is located along with information on how to position the glyph using kerning. Glyph Designer also has command line support allowing the process of generating multiple fonts at different sizes to be added to your automated build process.


CBEffects is a comprehensive, open-source particle effects system for Corona SDK. Create infinitely customizable effects with legendary ease and flexibility, while retaining complete control over everything – even the individual properties of each particle! CBEffects provides a fast and free path to instant Corona app enhancement.


Create stunning iPhone app websites for marketing and showcasing in minutes. The custom CMS takes care of HTML, CSS and analytics so you can focus on what you do best - creating beautiful and functional applications. Support for displaying the Corona® SDK badge is included.

Icon Robot

Icon Robot is a tool that generates different size iOS icons. The tool saves app developers time, by resizing and exporting app icons.

Krea IDE

Krea IDE is the easiest way to manage the development of a Corona SDK project on Windows. A lot of features are embedded, such as a graphical scene editor, a code editor, a physics body editor, an asset manager, a tile map editor and more, allowing you to create your app faster than ever. Build for a specific resolution or use the dynamic content scaling system, resizing automatically all your images. Try Krea for free now!


Kutt aims to support creatives by speeding up the creation of user interfaces for a variety of device resolutions and sizes. Design once and Kutt does the rest of the job, exporting images to different resolutions and creating a “Developer Report” that shows size and positioning of each file generated.


Kwik for Corona® SDK is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop CS5 that allows designers to create comics and interactive books for iOS and Android devices with animations, buttons and sound, directly from PSD files.

Level Director

Level Director is a level creation tool written specifically for use with Corona SDK and Windows OS.The toolset provided allows you to rapidly create title screens and levels with ease and export them to LUA code.Features include a physics body polygon editor, collision editor, animation sequences, sprite sheets, Bezier curves, text objects and more.


Lime is a Lua library created for the Corona® SDK which allows you as a game developer to easily include tile maps created in Tiled within your game. Not only can Tiled be used as a level editor you can also use its simple yet flexible Property features to allow a level designer to set up all kinds of game logic without the need for a programmer to change any code thus allowing easier gameplay tweaking.

Lua Glider IDE

Lua Glider IDE is an advanced IDE for Corona® SDK professionals and beginners alike. Features include: Advanced Debugger, Variables explorer, Call stack, Adaptive Auto-Complete, Built in documentation, Real-time breakpoints, Split screen support, Asset preview, Simulator Remote, and lots more. Cross Platform for both Mac and Windows. Try for free today!

Million Tile Engine

The Million Tile Engine is a Lua library which was designed with one goal in mind: to allow you as a developer to build enormous tile maps in Tiled and run them at full speed on almost any device. The Million Tile Engine is blazing-fast, regardless of map size. It also features powerful integrated function calls for performing many common tasks such as moving sprites, altering the tile map, accessing Tiled objects and properties, and more.


Spend less time setting up all your animations, and more time watching them animate! MovieClipX makes setting up animations a breeze, even if your character has over 200 animations all with unique properties! You can even manipulate the properties on the fly, to create effects such as slow-motion!


MultiRezer is a very useful utility for developers looking to port their games and apps to multiple devices. MultiRezer does the grunt work of rescaling all your graphics to fit the desired device. The tool currently supports over 10 devices, including the new iPad 3!

OPTPiX SpriteStudio

OPTPiX SpriteStudio is a 2D sprite animation data creation tool. SpriteStudio exports animation data in “Universal” XML or binary formats and currently supports various frameworks and game engines, including Corona SDK. OPTPiX SpriteStudio reduces the amount of effort to create sprite animation data and significantly improves production efficiency.

Particle Candy

Particle Candy is an extremely flexible, yet easy to use, particle engine library. With the help of the tool, create smoke, trails, fire, explosions, debris, flares, dust, clouds, shots, light rays, water fountains, and even weather effects like rain and snow. If you imagine it, you can create it with the help of Particle Candy!

Physics Editor

Editing your physics shapes has never been easier! Physics Editor allows you to simply drag your shapes inside the editor and press the auto trace button! No more clicking. Then adjust the shape’s physics parameters and directly export to your game development framework.


PreApps.com is the leading platform introducing new mobile apps to users and the marketplace prior to release. Their interactive platform is enhancing the way apps are built and discovered by providing developers with the opportunity to generate critical user feedback, early exposure, traction and rapid downloads upon release.

Roaming Gamer Templates and SSKCorona

Learn by example with Roaming Gamer Templates and SSKCorona. All templates for Games and Apps are fully commented and come with Pure (Lua + Corona SDK) and SSKCorona versions. Don’t waste time wondering how it’s done. Head over to the Roaming Gamer site today.


2D skeletal animation for games. Spine replaces traditional raster animation in games, providing smoother animations that are easier to produce. Animations can be created without needing more art and are so tiny that games can make extensive use of them. Officially supports Corona SDK.

Texture Packer

TexturePacker comes with a full featured graphical user interface including multi-touch support, zooming and a tree view with all used sprites. The extremely fast layout algorithm shows all changes in real-time!


tPacker is an innovative web-based tool for Corona® SDK devs. Generate texture atlases and animations from sprites (you will get .lua file with objects properties). Generate iOS or Android icons with just a few clicks. Create fully manageable online graphics library (add or remove sprites from existing atlases).

ZeroBrane Studio

ZeroBrane Studio is a slick IDE for Lua and Lua-based frameworks that supports syntax highlighting, code analyzer, remote console, on-device debugging and live coding, watches, stack view, and more (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).