Featured Partners

Corona Plugins give Corona SDK developers access to additional functionality and 3rd party services. Using Corona Plugins requires a recent Daily Build or public release. You can discuss plugins in their forums.

Are you an ad network interested in targeting the Corona community? Our parent company, Fuse Powered, wants to talk to you. Email us at adnetworks@coronalabs.com.

If you are interested in developing a plugin for other developer functionality, email us at plugins@coronalabs.com.

Vungle is a video monetization platform that connects advertisers and developers to achieve breakthrough levels of monetization and user engagement.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/vungle/

Fortumo is the most developer-friendly mobile payments provider. They enable developers to monetize through mobile operator billing in more than 73 countries and also power in-app purchases for NOOK apps.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/fortumo/

Amazon GameCircle gives you more ways to enjoy your games on Kindle Fire. With achievements, you can track your progress as you play. Leaderboards let you compare your scores.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/gamecircle

GameAnalytics helps you get to know your players, improve monetization and gives you all the metrics you need. It is a free service.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/gameanalytics/

Photon Cloud is a cross-platform network engine and software as a service (SaaS) for realtime multiplayer games and applications.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/photon/

GameThrive gives free push notifications and tools to Corona developers.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/GameThrivePushNotifications/

Build games that run on the OUYA console and use their in-app purchases and game network functionality.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/ouya/

Corona Plugins

Address Book (iOS)

This plugin provides access to a user's contacts/address book.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/CoronaProvider_native_popup_addressbook/


This plugin provides support for the Admob ads SDK.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/ads-admob-v2/


This plugin provides access to Mike Pall's BitOp library Lua BitOp.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/bit/

Google In-app Billing v3

This plugin provides access to Google's In-app billing version 3 (Android only).

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/google-iap-v3/

Google Play game services

This plugin provides access to the Google Play game services (as part of the gameNetwork library).

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/gameNetwork-google/


This plugin enables basic zip archive support in Corona SDK.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/zip/


This plugin provides support for the basic iAds SDK.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/api/library/ads/


This plugin provides access to the user's iTunes library and ability to play media from it.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/iTunes/


This plugin provides access to the OpenSSL library, as exposed by George Zhao's lua-openssl. Note: updated for Heartbleed vulnerability as of April 11, 2014.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/openssl/


This plugin provides a universal and persistent unique device identifier.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/openudid/

Pasteboard (Beta)

This plugin enables copy/paste from/to the device's pasteboard.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/pasteboard/

QuickLook iOS (Beta)

This plugin enables enables previews/views of documents on iOS.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/daily/plugin/CoronaProvider_native_popup_quickLook/


This plugin provides a way to post a message to various social providers.

Docs: docs.coronalabs.com/plugin/CoronaProvider_native_popup_social/