Getting Started with Corona SDK

The categories below — and at left — cover the essential aspects of Corona SDK. Each category contains detailed guides, tutorials, video lessons, and relevant 3rd-party resources when available. You can also view our API Reference or seek assistance in the forum.


Corona Basics — everything you need to get started, from installation and Lua basics to creating your first project.

Building and Distribution — how to build apps for actual devices and get ready to publish to market.

Images, Audio, Video, Animation — about images, advanced graphical features, audio, animation, and other media.

Events, Listeners, Input — learn about interactivity, including taps, touch, multi-touch, and game controller input.

Data, Files, Strings — basics of manipulating strings, handling files, downloading data, and using SQLite.

System, Networking, Communication — system/OS functions and detection, email, SMS, etc.

User Interface, Scenes, Widgets — native UI objects, widgets, Composer (scene management), and more.

Physics (Box2D) — setting up physics, bodies, joints, collisions, raycasting, and more.

Monetization — using ads and in-app purchases (also see Corona Plugins).

Game Networking, Social Media — Facebook, Twitter, Google Play game services, and BaaS integration.

Corona Plugins — how to use Corona plugins like zip, OpenSSL, Pasteboard, and more.

CoronaCards, Enterprise — resources and tutorials for CoronaCards and Corona Enterprise. Note: support for Windows Phone 8 is currently done only via CoronaCards.

Sample Code — pointers to different sample projects, code, and libraries.

Special thanks to Infinite Skills for sharing their tutorials. You’ll find them under “3rd-Party” in various categories.