Corona: The Standard in 2D Mobile Graphics

Our Vision:
Grand Unification.

Our vision is to enable you to produce cinematic-quality graphics in your mobile apps. To do that, we looked at every element of great visual effects — vector geometry, image processing, motion graphics. We challenged ourselves to break down the boundaries between them, to fuse the essence of those elements together into a powerful, seamless, and coherent system.

The result is so simple and intuitive, it’s hard to imagine doing it any other way.

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Corona Optimized for OpenGL

2D graphics optimized for OpenGL.

Corona is the world’s only engine that has specifically optimized OpenGL for 2D graphics. In fact, no graphics engine has ever been built this way before. Building a 2D engine means throwing out the 3D textbook. It means rethinking the entire approach to leveraging the GPU.

We designed an ingenious 2D pipeline from first principles, with completely fresh ways of tackling classic graphics problems like offering the illusion of 3D without worrying about the Z-axis. We built everything to strike the perfect balance between CPU and GPU computation.

Most importantly, we did it with a 2D object model in mind — from the polygon tessellation to material node graphs, from hierarchical ordering to fine-grained invalidation, from hit-testing to blend modes — the list goes on. By innovating at every architectural layer, Corona is able to offer state-of-the-art features without sacrificing performance.

Painting with Light.

There’s an immediacy to working with graphics in Corona that’s seductive. That’s because Corona was designed to get your ideas onto the screen as fast as possible, eliminating whatever stands in your way.

We designed Corona to feel like you’re painting with light.

In fact, you literally are painting with light in Corona. The objects render like brush strokes in an oil painting, one above the other in the order in which you create them. In Corona’s hierarchical model, reordering objects and grouping them is as trivial as shuffling a deck of cards. And as an added bonus, every object in Corona is designed to be interactive, from automated hit-testing to Box2D physics behaviors.

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Vector meets Raster meets Motion.

Corona unifies an unprecendented amount of visual effects in an uncommonly simple model. Rather than create artificial distinctions, we built everything around the notion that vector graphics, raster imaging, and motion graphics should work in harmony.

Instead of cobbling together disparate graphics systems, imagine you had the power of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects available in one unified product. Corona distills the essence of each by fusing them into the leanest, fastest engine of its class.

Shapes, strokes, images, filter effects, camera feeds, and more — mix and match as you please!

Corona vector shapes and raster effects

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Add depth without the 3rd dimension.

3D graphics is hard to make easy and easy to make hard. We’ve found a way to add depth and perspective to your app unlike anything you’ve ever encountered before — without the Z-axis! It works in an incredibly simple way — take any rectangular display object and nudge the corners up, down, left, or right. The image will look like it’s drawn in perspective, even though it’s all in the same plane.

With this technique you can create a variety of 3D effects from isometric games to first-person-style worlds. You can even simulate lighting effects. You can apply different lights to different objects without hassling with multiple cameras — it all happens from a single render pass.

2.5D/3D game demo in Corona

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Revolutionary. Yet completely evolutionary.

Simply Corona

Corona’s new graphics engine is radically different from any other engine, except for one — its predecessor. We’ve worked hard to ensure that migrating existing code is as uneventful as possible. We brought almost all the APIs forward into the new engine, so most of the time you’ll be able to run your existing apps just fine.

It also means all your favorite features, like using content scaling to handle multiple screen sizes and shapes, are just as easy as they were before. Retina imaging too.

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