Reinvent With Us.

Join Corona Labs, as we continue to reinvent how the world develops software. We are enabling everyone — from indies to game studios, from teenagers to octogenarians, from publishers to agencies — to create world-class apps for phones, tablets, and other connected devices.

Imagine. Build. Transform.

We set the bar extremely high. It's not enough to build amazing technology. We want our products to transform the daily lives of people. So far, Corona has literally changed the lives of thousands and thousands of people around the world. We've enabled people to code for the first time, pursue new careers, and even fulfill lifelong dreams.

Make it Happen.

We're looking for people who give their best. Whatever it takes. We won't kid you. Working at Corona Labs will be challenging. You'll face the unknown. You'll tackle paradoxes. You'll even question yourself. And at the end of it all, you'll be proud of the impact you've made. On your work. On your teammates. And on yourself. Apply now and make it happen.