droidOne of the best things about working in mobile is that you have an ironclad excuse for checking out new gadgets. Of course I carry an iPhone everywhere I go, loaded with eight pages of apps, TV shows, and ebooks, but I’ve never really used it as a telephone. I don’t even know what its number is; I probably have ten thousand rollover minutes. The problem is that the AT&T voice network in San Francisco is heavily congested, and it’s even worse at any tech event because everyone walks in with an iPhone. At Adobe MAX this year, I stood two feet from Dale Rankine and called his iPhone, and it didn’t even ring. And that wasn’t as bad as the notorious stories from South by Southwest.

So I’ve also been carrying around a plain vanilla Verizon RAZR all this time, simply for making phone calls. Today, however, this changes: I’ve got a brand-new Motorola Droid with Android 2.0, and I’m hoping to finally retire the poor old RAZR.

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