I am unofficially changing my title from Director of Engineering to Director of non-iPhone platforms.

This has got to be the worst kept secret ever. We have been getting lots of requests for Android support in Corona. One user wrote that he purchased Corona, on the expectation that we’d add cross-platform support. I guess it’s pretty obvious, right? We have a grainy home video of a prototype of Corona running on Symbian posted to youtube. We have a flexible, high performance engine written from the ground up for portability. It doesn’t take a huge stretch of the imagination to connect the dots, and you’re all very smart people.

Well, it’s my distinct pleasure to confirm that, yes, indeed, actually we are actively working on an Android version of Corona (code-named Overdrive). We’ve been working on it for quite some time, and it’s looking really good — check this video for proof! We are heading into a broader private beta this week with our subscribers. With Corona, cross-building for Android will be just as easy as iPhone builds are right now.

We’ll be posting more details soon.

  1. This is great! We have chosen another cross platform sdk (based on HTML/Javascript, you know which one) but yes! yes! we are going to change our Android and iPhone development strategy now – even though our Android app is nearly finished. Corona is great (not only because of the great LUA language) but now even for iPhone AND Android. That’s really good news. Go on! Finish it! We love you.

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  3. Will the Android version of Corona run on a Windows or Linux based computer? Corona at $99 for iPhone and Android sounds like a tremendous bargain. Having to buy a Mac to use it raises the price to a very uncomfortable level ….

  4. Great ! Great ! Great !
    Maybe you could unlock the SDK to make tests on iPad as soon as possible : iPad is “the” main milestones for your product.

  5. iPad is good hardware for sure. If it had an USB port, camera, full Bluetooth support, and Android as OS, I would buy one.

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