Corona, now with a lot more iPad

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Our Corona for Android beta isn’t the only one going out this week! Yesterday, the first beta of Corona SDK for iPad was distributed to the Corona subscribers who volunteered for the “Warp 9” beta program.

(To clarify a frequent question: Corona builds native iPad applications — these are NOT iPhone apps running in compatibility mode.)

Here’s our demo video of what is, as far as I know, the only 3rd-party iPad Simulator available on planet Earth today:

Since the iPad is taller than many normal monitors when shown in portrait mode, we added new controls for zooming in and out. Note that the Corona iPad Simulator has more zoom levels than Apple’s iPad Simulator. Others on the Ansca engineering team wanted to stop at 25%, but I said “no, we must push it farther — we must do 12.5% magnification!” So please think of me when you’re running your matchbook-sized iPad.

As a bonus, you can also make our iPhone Simulator really tiny — and yes, 200% magnification for the iPhone will be featured in future releases, as requested by a number of designers.

When Apple suddenly announced that they were accepting apps for the grand opening of the iPad App Store — but only until March 27th — we moved quickly to get this into the hands of our users. It feels a little crazy to be developing applications for hardware that isn’t even available yet and can’t be tested, but that’s the reality of the Apple mobile world right now.

If you’ve purchased the Corona SDK and you’d like to get in on the iPad (or Android) beta, drop us a line at and let us know! And if you haven’t yet, then you can still get Corona at the introductory price of $99, which will include Android and iPad capabilities at no additional cost — and allow me to hint broadly that this is a “sweet spot” for our pricing and may be subject to change relatively soon.

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  1. Cool!

  2. ST says:

    I can’t run application on real iPad(not simulator)!! Even corona sample application!
    What should i do to fix it???