6 Corona-powered iPad apps accepted for Grand Opening (so far!)

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(Update: it’s now 6!)

We’ve just heard from another Corona developer whose iPad app was approved by Apple, and will be included in this Saturday’s Grand Opening of the iPad App Store. This brings the total to 6 Corona-powered iPad apps in the store so far, and we know of others submitted right around Apple’s deadline that should also make it in.

Again, these are native iPad apps compiled for Apple’s new “A4” processor, not upscaled iPhone apps. We’re very excited that Corona developers have managed to hit this important milestone, even though the available development time was very short — and even though nobody had a physical iPad to test on. Well done, everybody!

(The Corona SDK for iPad is currently in beta, and is available only to Corona subscribers, along with our new Android beta.)

In addition, there’s a rumor that the new iPhones to be released this summer will also use the speedy A4 processor, rather than the ARM processor in current iPhones. I’m going to politely refrain from speculation about certain competing products, and merely note that Corona plans full and immediate support for the “iPhone HD” (or whatever it ends up being named), no matter if it runs on ARM, A4, or a very tiny steam engine.

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  1. Hi Evan

    Well done to you and your users for getting ipad apps out the door so quick

    However, I have news for you: the A4 is actually an ARM processor! The iPhone and iPad actually use the same processor architecture, if that means anything to you…

    I fail to grasp your logic when you say that these are “native ipad apps compiled for the a4 processor, not upscaled iPhone apps.” Has upscaling anything to do with the CPU? I doubt so…

    So maybe by native ipad apps you mean that they use the ipads full screen real estate and extended UI controls? Does Corona provide access to the extended ui controls of the ipad like pull down menus ?

  2. Honest Abe says:

    Cool. Time for the Ansca App Store!