Clax HD, made with the Corona SDK from Ansca Mobile, brings all of the addictive color matching greatness and sweet clacking action of the original, but in a classy new package. A fresh experience rewritten from the ground up, specifically for the iPad, with loads of new features and improvements. Including gorgeous new 3d and 2d graphics.

Kids LOVE this game. Especially the younger ones. Watch their skills improve alongside yours!


  • 8 difficulties
  • 3 ball sizes
  • 2 ball styles
  • Full rotation support (there is no ‘up’)
  • Intuitive pick up and play design
  • Local score system
  • Hover over balls to see what will be removed
  • Shake the iPad to quickly start a new game
  • Games in progress are saved and reloaded on start
  • Twitter and facebook support on the way
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