In case you missed last week’s email: Corona SDK 2.0 Beta 4 is now available as a public trial, featuring multi-platform authoring for iPhone, iPad and Android. Both subscribers and trial users can download the beta here.

If your Corona trial period has already expired and you’d like it extended for another 30 days to try the new features, that’s no problem: simply email your request to

Until our 2.0 beta period ends later in June, you can still subscribe to Corona at the introductory rate of $99 — and, as we previously announced, you will also receive an upgrade to the full version of Corona SDK 2.0 (a $249 value) at no additional charge.

What’s New in Corona?

  • New Corona simulators for iPad and Android, including zoom in/out
  • Landscape and auto-orientation support (iPhone/iPad)
  • Support for Android 1.5/1.6 and 2.x.
  • Multitouch support (iPhone/iPad)
  • Improved audio features (all platforms)
  • SQLite database support (all platforms)
  • Polyline vector drawing API (all platforms)
  • New native keyboard types (iPhone/iPad)
  • Dynamic content scaling in “config.lua”, to target different screen sizes with the same code
  • “build.settings” Info.plist configuration (iPhone/iPad)

Thanks again to all our testers of the previous 2.0 beta releases — we couldn’t have done it without you!

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