While working out last-minute issues with deploying Game Edition Alpha, we’ve used the time to produce a stack of cool sample projects. (I often find it easier to learn from code samples than from documentation, and from what we’ve heard, a lot of our users feel the same way.)

So far, my favorite Game Edition sample code is “SimplePool”, which uses our new physics engine to literally implement an entire game of billiards for iPad in just 200 lines of code!

Better yet, the majority of that code is used to position the objects and initialize their physical properties; the physics engine then takes over and manages most of the game automatically. This is the nice thing about physical simulations: you just need to set them up, and then a lot of rich behavior emerges — basically “for free”.

Here are some screenshots from the Corona Simulator:

"SimplePool" - Corona SDK sample code for iPad

We’ll be distributing this code — and a lot more — with the upcoming Game Edition DMG.

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  1. You’re simply the best, guys!
    This is wonderful! Keep up the good work Ansca!

    I believe this could become the best alternative tool to create beautiful and powerful iPhone/iPad/Android applications and games.

  2. Evan, I hope the Fireworks to Corona Exporter can help you to position your elements in future demos. I am looking forward to check the Game Edition. Thanks for the great work!

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