Interview with Armin Amir, Astro Junk HD

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Fresh off the release of his Astro Junk HD iPad game earlier this month, Unicorn Labs head programmer Armin Amir talks to us about the creation process and why he chose Corona to make his intergalactic shooter.

You can watch a video demo of Astro Junk HD on Vimeo and learn more about the app at the Unicorn Labs web site.

To start off, what’s your background as a designer and/or developer? Do you have a preferred language or platform?
I’ve been developing for about 7 years in LAMP, and use PHP as my preferred language.

Given your background, what made you say “I should use Corona!” when it came time to create Astro Junk?
After researching several platforms — including Apple’s native Xcode SDK — I decided on Corona based on its ease of implementation, the fact that the developers of Corona have very fast response time, and its quick turn-around time for new features that developers request.
Astro Junk HD for iPad
How many lines of code did it take to create Astro Junk compared to how much code you might have written using another mobile SDK?
There is no way of saying for sure, but as 1 line in Corona for a transition is equivalent to at least 5 lines in Xcode, I would assume that developing directly in Xcode would have been at least 5x more than the 2000 lines it took in Corona.

Overall, in the entire creation process, how much time do you think you saved by using Corona than you would’ve with other toolkits?
The development time of Astro Junk was approximately 1 week for the core engine.  It would have taken at least 3-4 in the native SDK.

What will your next mobile creation be? Will you use Corona for that too?
Already hard at work on the next game, and I’m definitely using Corona for it.

Thanks a lot, Armin!

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