screenshot of iPad game, Matchimals

Matchimals, created with Corona Game Edition from Ansca Mobile, is a cute little animal matching game where you race against the clock to pick every pair of animals off of the board.

Improve the memories of everyone in your the family with 9 adorable zoo animals, fun animations and sound effects that are built to keep preschoolers engaged.

Designed specifically for the iPad, Matchimals is perfect for long trips or quick bursts of gameplay.

How To Play:
tap a star tile to flip it over, revealing an animal
flip over 2 matching animal tiles to remove them
avoid missing to increase multiplier
slide finger across screen to pause game
shake iPad to quickly start a new game


  • Matchimals supports all orientations
  • 9 animals
  • 3 different game sizes
  • full screen display
  • quick pick up and play design
  • perfect game for children of all ages

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