Have a comic book? Want to publish it on a mobile device like the big players: Marvel, DC, and Vertigo? There was not an easy way for the small independent artists to publish on mobile devices, until now.

Corona Comics is a venture of Ansca Mobile that allows emerging comic book artists/writers to publish their own comic book application. The art and written content is submitted to us and we take care of the technology. Each comic book app is built from the combination of artwork and coordinates submitted to Ansca by the artist/writer.

This is a way for anyone who has a comic book to go into the mobile digital world. If you have a single issue or a series, we can help you put it on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

Manual for Submitting a Comic Book

Download the manual for submitting content

For more information and example code, click here.

Contact coronacomics (at) anscamobile (dot) com for more information.

  1. Hi,

    I like to start a monthly magazine for iphone, ipad and android OS. I will appreciate if you can tell me more about monthly expences, data format you require and rest information.

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