Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup reveals demand for Corona developers

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Last Tuesday, the Ansca Mobile team was at the Bay Area Video Game Development Meetup in San Francisco, talking to developers and showing off a preview of Corona Game Edition. It was great to see the thriving community that exists in the Bay Area around the meteorically rising game-building industry.

The most eye-opening experience of the night came from the various game development studios that were in attendance. A few of them came over to the Ansca Mobile booth asking if we could provide them with developers who they could contract to create games with Corona! They elaborated that Corona’s fast turn-around time and rapid, on-device prototyping were especially attractive to them, from a business perspective, and that working with Corona would allow them to build games in a highly efficient manner without sacrificing quality.

If you are interested in contracts or full-time work, join the Ansca Developer Directory of Corona users. The demand for Corona developers is already here, so we’ll do everything we can to put our users in touch with anyone who wants to work with you!

Also — if you haven’t already seen it — here’s the Corona Game Edition video demo that converted a few of those game studios and developers at the meetup:

So, should we pass your name along? 😉

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  1. It’s great to see that the team at Ansca, once again, proves that it’s on it’s developer’s side!

    Sounds like a lot of opportunity, especially for those of us who are using Corona while it’s still in it’s early stages.

    It’s also great to hear that the company is very active, always attending Meet-ups, training events, conferences, etc.