New Apps Showcase: Week of August 15

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Doodle Dash! by Beebe Games

In Doodle Dash!, you guide a cute blue monster named “Dash” through the Doodle forest to collect as many gems as you can before getting caught by the monsters. You’ll wade past evil flying bunnies, bombs, and fat cyclops as you collect gems and yellow stars (which Dash hasn’t quite decided if he likes or not).

Guitar Fretter by Stenzinger Software

Guitar Fretter is an exciting action-puzzle game! Not only do you learn the notes on a 6-string guitar while you play, but the action gets intense as you solve each level, unlock all the strings, and earn huge bonus points for full-matched frets and full-matched strings. Can you defeat the Minions?

Star Poker + by Erin Lin

Star Joker Plus is a video poker game where the Joker is a wild card that can be any card in your hand! Bring the tables to your pocket with this nifty little game, and even try your own hand in the “bounce” stage.

tappixels by William Flagello

tappixels is a simple and original game where you have to tap squares to gain pixels.

Main features include 2 main modes, 2 sub modes, 9 difficulty levels (with a timer), and the ability to share scores via Twitter.

Tumble Bee by Ben Walker

Tumble Bee is a simple, fun and addictive game that will keep you coming back for more!

Although Tumble Bee really loves to fly, he isn’t the best at it. He really needs your help to stay in the air. Try to keep him up for as long as you can by tapping him. Volleying him in the air scores points on each successful tap.

URNoiseMaker v1.1.2 by Berlin Productions

URNoiseMaker comes with over 46 high-quality sound effects that can be accessed immediately at the push of a button.

URNoiseMaker is compatible with both iPhone and Android platforms. This app is modeled after the same on-air sound effects technology used by DJ’s worldwide, except for now it fits in your pocket!

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