Targeting your mobile apps? Don’t forget about Asia!

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A couple weeks ago, we blogged how smartphone sales were growing in the U.S. and worldwide, opening up a larger market for mobile apps and gaming. Well, it seems like this is especially true across the Pacific!

Earlier this week, the new iPhone 4 went up for presale in South Korea. The resulting avalanche of preorders (130,000 in 13 hours!) crashed the servers of KT Corp., the Korean iPhone carrier. By comparison, the previous iPhone 3GS presold 60,000 units on its first day in Korea late last year.

Even though these numbers barely compare to U.S. iPhone 4 preorders from this past June, (600,000 on the first day, which also crashed servers) they illustrate the mobile market that is emerging in the Far East. In fact, a quieter announcement last week by Korean-HQ’ed Samsung revealed that its Android-based Galaxy S smartphone has topped 800,000 sales in Korea in under two months.

Back in May, Japan saw the iPhone becoming its best-selling smartphone, comprising of a staggering 72% of all smartphones sold in the country. (head nod to Ansca Mobile Japan)

And then there’s China! The global economic powerhouse finally will permit WiFi-enabled iPhone 4 and iPad sales to its 2 billion-strong population next month. Before this month, Chinese regulators only permitted iPhones to be sold sans WiFi, and subsequent sales were pretty disappointing. However, a WiFi-enabled iPhone 3GS was launched in China earlier this this month, and sold out in the Beijing Apple Store within its first 24 hours.

At this very moment, Asia is the mobile market to watch. Expect us to follow-up on this blogpost next month, after the iPhone 4 hits shelves in China — we already have a picture for that! 😀

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