Over the weekend, Beebe Games’ Doodle Dash! game broke into the App Store’s list of top free apps, coming in at #25! This comes just on the heels of it being OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day honor last Thursday, which brought in over 40,000 downloads for the game. 😮

Creator Jonathan Beebe must now be even more thrilled than he was when we interviewed him last week. We would like to extend our congrats and thanks to him for using Corona to build his successful game!

You can grab Doodle Dash! over at the App Store right now.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and for the front-page Doodle Dash! exposure!

    Of course, when I switched the game back to paid, it went lower in the listings but that was expected. Top 25 was a great achievement for us nonetheless!

    Thanks again for the mention!

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