Corona and the new Apple TOS Agreement Changes

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Here at Ansca, we happily welcome the new Apple TOS relaxing the stance on third party developer tools for iOS.

What does it mean to you, our current users, and for future users of the Corona SDK? It means that you can now use Corona as the development tool of choice for your cross-platform app development, for both games and non-game apps, on both iOS and Android devices. It also means that you no longer have to worry about our technology not being compliant with Apple, today or in the future.

As we have done, we will continue to deliver the best development tool for app creation on iOS and Android devices.

We truly believe we are delivering the fastest, easiest way to develop apps and games, and in these past few weeks we have seen a number of amazing apps done by you. Doodle Dash, ESP Guitars’ ESP Experience, Alien Horde, and Animals – Zoo and Farm are just a few of the exciting and engaging apps in the last few weeks done with the Corona SDK. But it is not just about games; the new Pillbox app — soon to be on the App Store — showcases the strength and flexibility of Corona in creating an informative lifestyle/health-related app.

Once again, as the number of Corona-based apps continues to grow along with our developer community, I would like to thank you for all your support and trust.

We couldn’t be more excited about the changes in the Apple TOS, and about our upcoming release of the Corona 2.0 SDK, followed by the release of the Game Edition of Corona.


Carlos M Icaza
Co-Founder and CEO

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