Since we just shipped it as a feature in the latest version of Corona, here’s a video explaining the new welcome screen in Corona SDK.

Also, I use a couple sample apps (included with the SDK) to demonstrate how you can use the Corona Simulator to test-drive your creations on the iPhone, iPad, and the Android platforms.

Have you found the new welcome screen to be helpful?

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  1. Tom,
    The new welcome screen looks great. It’s really nice for people that are just getting started in Corona and it has quick access to valuable resources. A couple other resources that would be nice to see on the welcome screen are recent news (blog and/or tweets) and a link to the API reference.

  2. I can appreciate that a new user would like the welcome screen, although it would be nice if the disable function worked. Everytime I invoke the simulator using the Corona Terminal it is displayed even though I have repeatedly tried to turn it off.

  3. @Rodney, did you click on “Don’t show this window again” before closing? We haven’t seen a problem with that not working. The only issue is the Simulator may not appear when you start it because it goes to the back of the running app list (Command Tab to select it).

    @Michael, you can turn off the welcome screen and it will run as before. I use the Open and Build links on the Welcome page to open and build my projects. The keyboard shotcuts still work with the Welcome screen showing.

  4. Hi

    One of my developers said that Corona does not provide any way to see the GUI as you are developing it – and no decent editor ! Is this correct ?

    • Mark,

      Corona doesn’t have a drag-n-drop GUI editor but it does have a simulator (as you can see in the video) for rapid prototyping that allows you to display your app without any build process. You edit your code in your favorite editor (TextWrangler, TextMate, BBedit, etc) and then display your changes in a matter of seconds (Command R in the simulator will reload the simulator with the latest code changes). If you see something that is not aligned right you make the code change (e.g., changing x or y value) and then Cmd+R in the simulator to see the results.

      Once you’re happy with the layout you can build for the device (or Xcode simulator) and see how it runs on the device. The GUI will look the same as on the simulator and 95% of the functionally can also be tested on the simulator.


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