Darren from Ludicrous Software just sent over this video of a new Corona bundle that he created for the TextMate code editor.

On his blog, he explains how the bundle includes functions like autocomplete, one-key simulator running, and built-in snippets for many common Corona codelines.  All of this lets users to code in Corona even faster than it already allows.

Take a look for yourself:

You can pick up Darren’s new Corona bundle for free over at GitHub, and be sure to keep tabs on him via Twitter for whenever he rolls out new bundle features. (Game Edition support, more snippets, etc.)

And if you’ve made anything cool with Corona, be sure to send it over to us!

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  1. Great idea to let the tab completion keywords match
    the actual keyword values that you will get from autocompletion.
    I started working on a corona tm-bundle but ended up
    with a lot of rather crytic abbreviations…


  2. Andy Hullinger says:

    Brilliant! Thanks so much!

    BTW? Does anyone know how to get the Corona simulator to default to iPad instead of iPhone on launch?

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