New Apps Showcase: Week of October 3

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ASCII Invaders, created with Ansca Mobile's CoronaASCII Invaders by Kigra Software

Re-enter the world of classic video gaming with ASCII Invaders! This game for iPhone and Android takes you back in time to the classic gaming era in classic style while delivering an exciting, casual gameplay.

You can take a closer look at the addictive, retro-style gameplay here.

Error Goblin, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

Error Goblin by MonkeyDead Studios

Error Goblin
should be your first stop when something goes wrong with your computer. Just type in the error code and Error Goblin will help explain what’s going on so you can resolve it.

Created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

Art by Michael Reid

Fans of Australian art can use this free app to browse curator Michael Reid‘s current exhibitions, available pieces, selling prices, and locate galleries around the world featuring works hand-picked by him.

Created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

Nebula One by ForestKings

A freak solar accident has left your home world dead. You and the last remaining starships of the home world fleet are all that remain of your species. It is up to you to lead the last remaining ships into the nebula in hopes of finding new planets for your people.

However, initial probe reports of the nebula indicate it has occupants who may not be sympathetic with your plans. Are you up for the job?

Created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDK

RocketCup by mostwanted studio

RocketCup brings the excitement and joy of football’s penalty shoot-out in an all new perspective to the iPhone.

Shoot rockets (or bombs… or hologram balls…) into the goals of opposing nations and hear the explosions of victory! Represent your home country during gameplay, and check its standing on the worldwide leader board over at the RocketCup official site.

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