In part 1 of this tutorial, I talk about the demo program used to explore Corona Display Objects and how it affects texture memory on mobile devices. I demonstrate how adding display objects (images) affects texture memory, and show the best practices for removing display objects to avoid app crashes.

You can download the Corona program used in this video here.

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  1. Thanks for the great advice! I’m glad to see that it’s “Part 1” of a series. When it comes to mobile app development, you really can’t optimize enough–so thanks again.

    Long live BBEdit :-)

  2. There is something wrong with the image names. I have created Image1.jpg , 2 , 3 and the output is always
    Image1 is not defined
    image2 is not defined
    image3 is not defined

  3. What if I generate images dynamically, I set a few additional properties to them (to an image/sprite object) and have them also referenced in a global table? What would be the right approach to remove them all from a display group and a global table? I do that in my project but I am getting a memory leaking and I can’t get rid of it. Help please.

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