Word on the street is that Sprint will be releasing the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab around November 14. Pricing points reportedly will run at $399 for a 2-year contract and $599 without contract.

This couldn’t come at a much better time for us and, most importantly, for you!

A week ago, we told you about how Corona successfully ran on the Galaxy Tab:

I snagged one of the two Tab demo units in the room. These are still pretty rare, so we had literally never tested Corona on one, and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity.

It’s always a bit dangerous to try a demo in public for the first time, but in front of the live audience I pulled down some Game Edition samples from the Ansca server and installed them over the web. They worked flawlessly, and scaled beautifully on the 7″ screen, so I can now report that I have personally verified Galaxy Tab compatibility in our product!

— Ansca Mobile senior engineer Evan Kirchhoff at the SF Android Meetup

Through Evan’s quick work, we were able to (publicly!) test Corona on a device that hasn’t even been released yet and get a head start on giving you, our users, a leg up on developing for the latest device to join the Android family. We’re putting the finishing touches on the Corona Simulator’s Galaxy Tab option (which we also previewed at the Meetup) to let see your creations on its 600 x 1024 screen.

In no time, you’ll be able to play with the Corona Simulator for the Galaxy Tab — and soon, you’ll be able to play with an actual Galaxy Tab too!

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  1. Hola Jorge

    Que espefico quieres en Español?

    El Blog/La documentacion? El Website?

    Desfortunadamente no vemos mucho trafico de Sur America, por eso no tenemos ninguna documentacion en Español. Ademas, mi Español es malisimo para el vernacular de computadoras ( o ordenadoras ?). Hay Castellano, y Español de Latino America, y el “Spanglish”.


  2. Sin ánimo de ofender, aprender inglés está muy bien y es muy útil. Además, el inglés que se utiliza en ambiente técnico es muy fácil. Y las traducciones no suelen ser correctas.

    Un saludo desde Spain.

    With all due respect, learn english is cool and useful. The technical english is very easy and the translations to Spanish sometimes are not good.

    Best regards from Spain

  3. Buenas tades ,
    Mi nomre es Enric y estoy pensando en desarrollar aplicaciones con corona.
    Quisiera saer si es posible hacer consultas de codigo a traves de este foro.
    Muchas gracias,

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