Ansca at HealthCamp, alongside HHS and Kaiser Permanente

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This past week, Ansca Mobile sponsored the HealthCamp SF Bay 2010 conference, where participants brainstormed how new media technologies can apply to the healthcare sector.

Ansca CEO Walter Luh at HealthCamp SF Bay 2010, explaining ways that mobile technology can improve the U.S. healthcare system.

HealthCamp SF Bay came right on the heels of Health 2.0 Developer Hack-a-thon earlier in the week, where our co-founder Walter Luh spoke to attendees about the mobile platform’s potential to solve major problems in the nation’s healthcare system.  At HealthCamp, Walter again addressed a sold out crowd (including representatives from the Dept. of Health and Human Services and Kaiser Permanente) on how mobile apps and technology can be applied to better the current healthcare infrastructure.  Walter touched upon specific functions like record keeping, information sharing, and patient education — all areas of healthcare which could be made easier and much more efficient through the mobile platform.

On a similar note, HHS CTO Todd Park also discussed the White House’s new “Blue Button” web-based feature allowing patients to easily download their health records and share them with doctors, pharmacists, caregivers, and anyone else they choose. (video via CNET)

As we mentioned in a previous post, the HHS also has set up many incentives for developers to help improve the health and wellness.  Check out the challenges, many have cash prizes!

All in all, it was an honor to share the floor with such an esteemed line-up of thought leaders from the government, healthcare, and tech sectors.  We hope events like this will continue to spur the collaborative mindshare needed to improve healthcare, and highlight the importance of mobile in tackling that challenge!

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