A couple weeks ago, we announced the public prerelease of Corona Game Edition.
Today, we’re rolling out some key improvements to Game Edition:

  • Numerous bug fixes! All the SDK fixes are now rolled in, and we’ve paid special attention to Android, previous gaps in the sprite API, and physics API issues.
  • Enhancements to existing features, including an improved OpenFeint API, laying the foundation for further social features.
  • A new “gameUI” library, for easy cross-platform sound effects, cross-platform fonts, and the ability to make any physics objects multitouch-draggable with just one line of code (see the new “Multipuck” sample).
  • Custom font support for both iOS and Android.
  • A new welcome window that provides easy access to common development tasks such as opening projects in the Simulator, starting a device build, running sample apps, and viewing documentation.

We are also pleased to announce official Corona support in Zwoptex, the popular sprite-packing tool. With this export format, you can now use any of Zwoptex’s efficient packing modes. In our tests, this often reduces texture memory sizes by 50% compared with our previous sprite API! In addition, sprite sheets are now easier to construct — see the new “Horse Animation” sample project.

Corona Game Edition can be downloaded immediately right here. We look forward to seeing what you create with it — just be sure you tell us all about it!

  1. What kind of memory savings are we talking about here. Also does this only work with the pay version of Zwoptex? I am looking for more info and having a hard time finding it. Even in the API reference.

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