Robert Payne details Zwoptex benefits for Corona users

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Yesterday, we told you about Zwoptex integration with Corona Game Edition, and touched upon its benefits for sprite animation and better device memory usage.

Today, we have Zwopple Founder Robert Payne — creator of the Zwoptex app — here to pen a guest blogpost to further elaborate on what Zwoptex means for you and your Corona creations.

When Ansca Mobile contacted me about integrating Zwoptex with Corona, I had little idea what they were up to. After playing around with Corona for a couple of days and seeing how easy it was to get up and running, I couldn’t have been more excited to get Zwoptex to work with Corona Game Edition!

Game Edition already utilized sprite sheets. So, what’s new and how does it work with Zwoptex?

  • Coordinates File Support
    Corona Game Edition now supports loading a coordinates file along with the sprite sheet image. This opens up a lot of extra optimizations to sprite sheets, and allows Corona to be very flexible in how to handle them. Zwoptex includes an all-new “Corona Game Edition coordinates” format that will export the coordinates into a .lua file, ready to use.

  • Transparency Trimming
    Zwoptex trims transparency off the edges around sprites to make sure the sprite sheet doesn’t waste space by pixels your user isn’t going to see anyways. Using the new coordinates file, Corona Game Edition knows how to render the trimmed sprite and makes sure the animation plays back no different than if the transparent pixels were there.

  • Better Sprite Packing
    Because Corona Game Edition can use a coordinates file paired with the sprite sheet, sprites inside of it can be placed anywhere and don’t have to be ordered by name or gridded out. This means you can start to use some of Zwoptex’s advanced packing algorithms, which help fill in gaps (which would otherwise be wasted or take manual control) and fine-tune sprite sheets to gain maximum efficiency.

You can learn more about Zwoptex here, and download a sample Corona Game Edition project using Zwoptex sprite sheets here.

And see it in action right here:

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