Over the past week or so, we’ve noticed a lot of new visitors coming to our site and checking out what Corona has to offer.

We know that choosing an SDK and committing to it is no light proposition, and you certainly don’t want to put your money and dedication into a toolkit only to have it disappoint you later on.

So, to help ease your transition to Corona, we’re offering  it to you at 50% off the prerelease price ($174.50/year instead of $349) using the coupon code CORONA4YOU. For more details, visit us over at this page, which we’ve set up for new visitors just like you. This offer is available for anyone, but you better move quick — the coupon code expires at midnight (Pacific time) on October 31!

With Corona, there are no strings attached. As a subscriber, you can produce as many apps as you want without any pesky splash screen or revenue-share requirements from us. You control the distribution, publishing your apps directly through the App Store or Android Market.

In other words: You control your destiny!

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  1. Whoa, now I really gotta start working with the SDK again and seeing if I’m going to purchase this or not. Thanks for this!!! Because this makes me like 50% more likely to get the license soon :D.

  2. Lol so many people are coming because GameSalad made a stupid release now everybodys leaving it. That’s also why i’m here :p

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