Last week, we introduced Zwoptex integration with Corona for more efficiently dealing with sprites and animations in your games.

This week, we bring you the TexturePacker command line tool for handling sprites in Corona. It’s not a competitor to our previous Zwoptex integration — just another option we wanted to provide for you, our users.

Here are the main specs on TexturePacker, courtesy of  creator Andreas Löw from Code ‘n’ Web:

  • Fully automated layout with detection of the optimal texture size.
  • On-the-fly rescaling of sprites to create high-res and low-res sprite sheets.
  • Automated cropping of transparent pixels for faster rendering and smaller files.
  • Automated creation of aliases using space only once for identical sprites after cropping.
  • Output size optimization for finding the smallest file size.

Andreas also added that TexturePacker is currently available only for Mac, but will be ported to Windows and Linux soon — including a full-featured graphical user interface which can be used to create the sheets.

You can learn more about TexturePacker at the Code ‘n’ Web site, and check out samples of its features below.

Use the coupon code TEXTUREPACKER-FOR-CORONA to get it for 20% off before October 31.

Sprite trimming in TexturePacker

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