Conga Replay for iPhone/iPad, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDKIn Evermagica‘s Conga Replay, you follow the steps of a congalero by repeating sequences on four latin hand drums.

Just make sure you wait until your turn comes up when you hear the chime. If you’re confident in your skillsor just want to play around, you can jam on the congas freestyle and see what beats you can come up with. For more info, check out the video demo!

Dungeon Tap for iPhone/iPad, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDKDungeon Tap is the latest creation from Beebe Games.

Dungeon Tap puts you in the position of “Stitches,” a living plush doll who is trapped in a deep, dark, magical dungeon where anything and everything wants to stop him from escaping. See how far you can take Stitches in this vertical-scrolling, jump-action game of survival that’s easy for anyone to pick up and play — but very hard to put down!

Pregoball HD for iPhone/iPad, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDKFútbol fan? Square off against friends in Pregoball HD from Alex Souza.

Pregoball simulates a flick tabletop soccer game where you try to maneuver a ball between pegs and into the goal as many times as possible within your time limit. Alex has a quick video demo of it over at his site.

Also available on Android.

Thunder Clap HD for iPhone iPhone, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDKThunder Clap HD is a nifty (and free!) iPhone app from Gary Sims for all you aspiring storm chasers!

When you see lightning strike, hit the “Lightning” button in the app. Then, when you hear thunder, hit the “Thunder” button — Thunder Clap will show you your distance from the storm.

Word Drop HD for iPad, created with Ansca Mobile's Corona SDKWord-Drop HD is a word game for iPad from Adam Jones Productions.

Tactically pick away tiles from the board by forming a word to unlock the new possibilities that the falling letters will bring.  Choose wisely — the larger the words, the greater the reward!

Features OpenFeint to compare your scores against players around the world!

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