We thought we’d give you a little more advanced notice this time about an upcoming Corona webinar. 😉

Picking up from his previous webinar, Carlos will be talking about Corona functions and how to structurally code your apps. Also on the agenda are Event Listeners, one of the core functionalities of Corona, plus object level events and Runtime events. This webinar also will go through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and will cover the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow.

You can click into the webinar via Connect Pro this Friday, November 12 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time. Hope to see you online!

  1. Great news :) I’d love to see it, but i’m not able to at that time. Will it be recorded like the last one? I’m sure many people would appreciate it, i know i would!


  2. +1
    Not a good time for me also. I downloaded and watched the last one which was very helpful. Please put this one up so we can download it.

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