New Apps Showcase: Week of November 14, 2010

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Blocfall by Thomas Claburn is an addictive game recalling the arcade classics of yesteryear.

Your challenge is to clear each level of falling blocks by tapping the highest block on the screen until all of them are gone. The blocks begin in a row and fall. Tapping the highest block will remove it and add points to your score.

OpenFeint integration allows you to compare your score against people around the world.

Doodle Sheep by Instant Mash Games is another comical, arcade-style game.

Save the sheep from being sheared by the oncoming scissors by pressing the name of the colour of the scissors. It may not be as easy as it seems as the color names are not on top of the correct colors. As you get further and further, your mind will get more and more boggled!

The Holiday Advent Calendar app from Sentactcio will make the countdown till Christmas fly by in no time!

Do you remember the anticipation and excitement the advent of Christmas brought you as a child? Share that joy and delight with your own children this holiday season! Imagine seeing their faces light up as they experience a new surprise each day of December leading up to Christmas.

iSnooze by InfusedDreams is an app that helps you drift off into a natural sleep using a series of relaxing sounds. Plus, it’s much safer than Ambien! 😉

The app features a variety of relaxing studio quality sounds, designed to help you drift off into a natural sleep. When you’re tired and want nothing more than sleep, iSnooze lets you quickly select the sound you want with the tap of a button, and start playing it to help you sleep.

Get ready for a blazing fast ride with Flight of Fire from Ferry Halim!

Flight of Fire is a fast-paced action game set in an exotic, faraway land. Fly on your magic carpet and blast the enemies off the night sky!

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