Last month, we talked to Mark Sigal of Unicorn Labs about his eBook Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race for iPad.

At that time, Rabbit and Turtle had already cracked the Top 10 on the App Store’s list of top free eBooks. Since then, it has been featured by Apple on the iPad front page and gone on to become the #12 top-grossing (that means paid!) eBook for iPad.

Naturally, people wanted to know Mark and Unicorn’s secret to making a best-selling eBook. So, yesterday he penned a guest piece for the O’Reilly Radar offering his insight from creating the top-selling Rabbit and Turtle, and gives plenty of praise to Corona in doing so.

You can read the full piece by clicking the screenshot below:

“Rabbit and Turtle’s Amazing Race” was built in Corona, and we’re happy with the decision. Our next book, scheduled for release in time for Christmas, is also built using Corona. In fact, the Play-Doh-like qualities of Corona enabled us to almost simultaneously come out with both full (paid) and lite (free) versions of the book on both the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.

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