Those of you who missed our November 11 webinar a couple weeks back (or those of you who just want to go over what was was covered during the webinar) can now watch it in its entirety below.

This time around, Carlos walks you through Event Listeners (one of the core functionalities of Corona), plus object level events and Runtime events. The webinar goes through a quick tutorial on the differences between the two, and covers the Corona event model using functions to create program structure and flow.

Thanks for checking in, and we hope to see at the next one! :-)

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  1. As others have noted, the audio is out of sync on this webinar. However, it’s also out of sync in the previous webinar as well.

    I’m very interested in watching both; I would be very grateful if this can be corrected.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I agree with the other commenters– the audio is way ahead of the video, which makes it hard to follow along. Could you please post the slides? That way, I can listen to the speaker and advance the slides myself.

  3. Agree with the others – we need the slides posted, and audio/video in sync. This really makes these webinars useless. Too bad :( they would have been a good help…

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