New Apps Showcase: Week of November 28, 2010

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Animal Preschool Word Puzzles by 22learn is another iPad app for children from the Czech-based educational app house. (check out an interview we did with them here!)

Your aim is to assemble the picture of the animal from as many pieces as there are letters in the name of the animal. Try it and enjoy how your children make progress while being entertained!

Apple Rush from CodeBeam Technologies lets you relive the waning days of autumn for a little bit longer!
It’s fall season at your grandpa’s farm and his apple orchard is ripe with fruit. The rush is on to save as many apples as possible before they hit the ground. Try to catch all the falling apples in your basket as quickly as you can — then, use the in-game OpenFeint integration to see how well you stack up to apple-catchers worldwide!

Classic Christmas Cards and More by Arron Mitchell is an excellent collection of vintage Christmas cards and recipes to keep handy around this time of the year!
Included with each card is a fun interactive scene or game such as the Christmas memory match game, catch the snowflakes, decorate the holiday tree, find the difference, and more.
Also included is the complete soundtrack of classic Christmas songs such as “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” “Joy to the World,” among many others!

Pensar is a picture-and-word puzzle game from ACJ Games.
Whether you play alone or take turns with a friend, Pensar provides hours of entertainment with over 100 puzzles to solve. Plus, if you need help with any of the puzzles, you can even give ACJ a shout on Twitter at @acjgames!

TileroLite is an addictive brain-teaser that even comes with a disclaimer from its creators:
“WATCH OUT! We think that it’s our responsibility too tell all new players what one of our testplayers did. After a few test rounds he decided to step up a level or two. He ended up playing one level for nearly two hours without succeeding! We RECOMMEND all players to start over if they feel that they been stuck somehow…”

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