Why did Flash legend Ferry Halim decide to learn Corona?

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Ferry Halim is no stranger to game development. His web site Orisinal boasts an award-winning portfolio of  web games that he’s created with Flash over the past decade.

Recently, Ferry started looking to make games for the mobile platform… And to do that, he chose Corona! Ferry has already created Flight of Fire and the newly-launched Winterbells games for iPhone, both using Corona.

Below, we talk to Ferry about his journey to the mobile platform, and why Corona stood out to him as the “perfect SDK for a Flash Developer.”

Background-wise, I noticed you’re primarily a Flash developer. Do you work with any additional programming languages or platforms?

Currently I only work with Flash and Corona. And before Corona, I only made web games in Flash.

What made you decide to throw your hat into the mobile arena with Flight of Fire?

Flight of Fire is my first mobile game. After developing Flash games for years, I wanted to try developing games on the mobile platform. But since I have to work on client projects, I barely have the chance to learn a new language.

So, what made you decide to “start from scratch” with Corona and learn Lua?

I was excited when I found out about Corona. I was looking for the most efficient way to make mobile games, and Corona seems to be the best tool for it. So, I decided to spend some time learning Lua and make Flight of Fire.

Explain why Corona is the “perfect SDK for a Flash developer,” as you told us earlier via e-mail.

I read the Corona API reference before I decided to completely jump in. As a Flash developer, I can see the similarities of how things work between AS3 and Corona, which really helped the switch from AS3 to Corona.

Couldn’t you have just developed Flight of Fire for other, Flash-friendlier platforms without having to learn an entirely new programming language?

I could, but I also like the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch devices and I wanted to make native games for them too.

In all, how long of a turn-around time did Flight of Fire have? Any idea how long of a game it was, code-wise?

Flight of Fire took around one and a half month to make. I’m not sure how many lines of code though.

Even though Apple now allows Flash-converted apps on the iOS, will you still be using Corona on your future creations?

Yes, because games made with Corona run faster than Flash-converted ones, and I need that speed because most of my games are action/arcade games. Also, being able to build for Android at the same time is a major plus.

Thanks a lot, Falim!

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  1. Garet says:

    Whooo! Corona is so much better than flash. Great to hear a flash veteran admit it. As I’m pretty sure most flash developers (even though they know it) wouldn’t admit that it’s slow.

  2. Funny how “Corona” was listed 15 times during the entire blog post…

    “This message was sponsored by… [drumroll]”

  3. Carlos says:

    Not only that, but the blog was written at anscamobile.com, makers of Corona. Go Figure.

  4. I love the subtle simplicity of Halim’s work. The use of texture and transparency add just enough feel and emotion. The games are like little works of art. Plus, the music is grand!

    I’ve been playing Flight of Fire quite a bit! Now, I’ll go check out the new one…

  5. Congrats to both!

  6. Some flash developer says:

    nice, but I want to do this using windows!
    I don’t own a mac and I am not planning to, not a money issue, it’s just that whenever I use a mac, it feels like it’s the first time I use a computer in my life …

  7. M. Reed says:

    @some flash developer

    If you’re unable or unwilling to learn a new platform it’s likely that you are also unable to learn a new development language or environment. Stick with Windows.

    I’m just say’n

  8. pip says:

    @M. Reed

    some flash developer said that he don’t want to buy a friggin intel-mac, he is not talking about learning a new language, and LUA is friggin easy to learn.

    Like me

  9. Zawa says:

    We can make flash game runing on iOS and Android using AIR SDK, but I think game built using Corona SDK is faster than game built with AIR SDK.

  10. Comix says:

    “Thanks a lot, Falim” Who the hell is Falim? I thought the guy’s name is Ferry Halim.

  11. fau says:

    -.- how much time for newbie like me to spend making rpg game use corona ? -.- any answer , mean should i learn lua then use this tools or….